Dali campaign

Because of great success, we lengthen our Dali campaign for another quarter until we face back to school and back to work in September.

Why should your technician always carry a Dali Thermal Camera?

Your technician is visiting a customer and opens their meter cupboard to find out that it is radiating heat. But what is the real temperature and where does the heat come from? He simply takes his Dali thermal camera, a very intelligent inspection robot, and within a couple of seconds he scans the meter cupboard, finds the center point and the temperature is immediately displayed in a small square on the high-resolution screen. Something is definitively wrong, and it appears that one electricity cable needs to be replaced.

It speaks for itself that you have several happy users:

  1. your technician because of his power to quickly control a situation. The ease of use, high quality thermal image and fantastic repeatability provide him with unheard of efficiency
  2. their customer because of its safety and prevention of fire
  3. and of course all insurance companies

And did we already tell you that the price is very attractive. Now, as an introduction price till September 30th, 2022 only for €299 / $299 or €399 / $399.

Extended - Introduction price


Prices are valid till September 30th, 2022

C1 Series - only €299 / $299

High-definition infrared imaging technology, up to 120 x 120 pixels resolution. It can be widely used in electric hot spot detection, HVAC system, energy-saving heating, housing construction and automobile and other industries.

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T1-M - only €399 / $399

  • Imaging with thermal, open a new angle of view;
  • Area scanning, fast and exactly discover all the temperature information on this area;
  • 160 x 120 pixels thermal imaging camera equal to 19200 infrared thermometers working together;
  • Non-touch temperature measurement makes the operator much safer;
  • Inspect the electrical powered target safely;
  • Imaging data analysis with computer;
  • Save time, increase efficiency

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