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CleverIR recognized by Medtech as leading top ten sensor company used non invasively


Technology has been the pivot for several breakthroughs in the medical realm. And one such noteworthy innovation is the family of minimally invasive devices. Today, the use of non-invasive tools has penetrated multiple sectors in the medical industry like oncology, cardiology, neurology and many more.

Med Tech Outlook magazine issues a yearly award to highlight the ten top vendors with breakthrough technology in this non-invasive medical field. A panel of CEO’s, CIO’s, VC’s, industry analysts and the editorial board of MedTech Outlook, narrowed down the TOP solution providers in this landscape and rewarded them with the TOP non-invasive device companies award 2021. One of the many criteria was the transformation the vendor must bring to convert the healthcare paradigm with its premium technology.

We, at CleverIR, are proud that together with well known names as Boston Scientific Corp, Fibronostics and Speclipse made it to this top ten list.

The technology with which CleverIR drew the attention of the panel, is the 'heat balance technology': unpowered infrared sensors that can measure the temperature of liquids in medical devices contactless and non-invasively. This is for instance used in ECMO systems, infusion systems and dialysis equipment to measure the temperature of liquids with not only the highest accuracy, but also the highest reliability before they are administered to a patient. You can imagine that the outcome results in an optimal safety.

Temperature is the most measured parameter in the world, with human body temperature measurements taking a big share. Traditional forms of temperature measurements have improved over the years with the use of advanced sensor technologies, increasing patient comfort, improved accuracy, and creating better tools for monitoring. Within the healthcare field, in processes such as diagnostic procedures, skin treatments, and medical interventions - where blood or saline solutions are involved - temperature monitoring is crucial for the success and reliability of the procedure. However, off-the-shelve sensors that are currently available in the marketplace do not necessarily provide the required reliability and accuracy. To that end, Exergen Corporation, a Watertown, MA-based firm, provided industrial non-contact infrared temperature sensor solutions that accurately and reliably measure temperature at process critical points, optimizing the application and increasing product throughput.

Bram Stelt, CEO of CleverIR, says, "We are a global supplier of infrared temperature sensors that measure temperature without making any contact." CleverIR is a distributor of the OEM division of Exergen Corporation, a worldwide leader of industrial and medical temperature technology. The firm is recognized for providing non-invasive temperature measurement devices that offer lower cost, higher accuracy, and greater reliability than previously possible. Exergen’s sensor technology is widely used in medical applications and various other markets such as agriculture, printing, food, semiconductor, and many more. CleverIR’s solutions offer the quality edge required to increase the speed of industrial production processes and reduce waste.

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In the last week of November, CleverIR executives presented two webinar sessions: one for EMEA and Asia Pacific on the 30th of November. On the 2nd of December, the same webinar was given for North, Middle and South America.

During this webinar, CleverIR’s mission, vision, future plans, product lines and solutions were presented, explained and demonstrated aimed at agricultural applications.

If you missed the webinar, you can watch it here: