Exergen in innovative sewer technologies

I.S.T., international leader in innovative sewer technologies chooses Exergen's IR technology for quality assurance

Zijtaart, the Netherlands, Bochum, Germany – October 20, 2022 - CleverIR, today announced the integration of their unpowered IRt/c sensor solution into I.S.T. Innovative Sewer Technologies GmbH (I.S.T) Double Six Core light source. I.S.T. is an international leader providing complete solutions for pipe and sewer rehabilitation. This very rapidly growing company is almost 25 years young and was founded in 1998 by managing director, Ir. Joerg Vogt.

One of the many solutions I.S.T. provides is the Power Light System. This multifunctional system with perfectly matched modules for curing UV light reactive polyester resin impregnated hose liners offers numerous configuration options to suit almost all tasks for pipe dimensions from DN 150 to DN 1800 for circular and egg-shaped profiles. The UV light sources are available for different pipe diameters and shapes and are adapted to the requirements and customer priorities. The system is characterized by the following features, for example:

  • selection of the right light sources for almost any liner diameter
  • innovative protocol technology that records all relevant curing data enriching quality assurance
  • and continuous performance monitoring of the UV lamps

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Bram Stelt explains the technology behind IST and the immensely increasing sewer market worldwide

Biden signs $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill into law, unlocking funds for transportation, broadband, utilities

President Joe Biden signed the more than $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill into law on Monday, checking off the first piece of his party’s sprawling economic agenda.

The package will put $550 billion in new funds into transportation, broadband and utilities. Biden’s signature follows years of failed efforts in Washington to overhaul physical infrastructure, improvements that advocates have said will boost the economy and create jobs.

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Case Study: Sewage and the advantage of using infrared sensors

Water and wastewater services are vital functions in a society. To ensure that the sector provides good-quality services, the water and wastewater networks must be continuously rehabilitated and upgraded. Throughout the world, there is a considerable need for investment in upgrading sewer systems – due to three main factors:

  • ageing infrastructure
  • climate change and
  • urban population growth

The need for investments is expected to grow significantly in the years ahead. Trenchless rehabilitation (no-dig) of sewer pipelines is a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly method for upgrading existing pipelines with sufficient capacity.

Despite sizeable annual investments, there is still a considerable sewer rehabilitation backlog due to ageing infrastructure. Investments in the EU are expected to increase to EUR 289 billion (OECD 2020) by 2030. In Sweden, calculations show that investments of EUR 46 billion are needed until 2040 to maintain the functionality of the infrastructure, further develop water and wastewater services and meet future demands (The Swedish Water Association 2020).

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