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Exergen Global and VDL partner to provide custom temperature sensor solution for HP Indigo 10000, 20000 & 30000 series digital presses

Leading Industrial Company VDL will Manufacture, Test and Ship Exergen Infrared Sensor Solution

WATERTOWN, Mass., and ZIJTAART, the Netherlands, April 26, 2017 - Exergen Global, an award-winning thermal solutions provider, announced it is partnering with VDL Group, a leading international industrial manufacturer headquarted in Eindhoven, to provide a custom solution for HP Indigo 10000, 20000, and 30000 Series Digital Presses that ensures optimal print quality by precisely measuring drum temperature. VDL Group will manufacture, test and ship Exergen’s proprietary-design Reflective Cone as well as the bracket required to mount the Cone, and will integrate Exergen’s micro IRt/c infrared temperature sensor into the Cone.

“HP has demonstrated its confidence in us by adding more of our sensors to its Indigo Series presses and by naming us a Strategic Partner for 2017,” said Bart van Liempd, CEO, Exergen Global. “We selected VDL to manufacture, test and ship our Cone and its bracket assembly because they provide outstanding design expertise that has helped increase the Cone’s performance. We can rely on them for 100% accuracy -- which is essential in everything we do for HP and for all of our customers.”  

Precise measurement is critical in print production. For example, the Cone and its metal bracket assembly weighs 3.5 kilograms and sits a mere 4 millimeters from the drum – a manufacturing mistake of even 1/10th of a millimeter could cause essential drum damage costing thousands of dollars. Additionally if printer substrates measure below or above very specific temperature ranges, then the end print quality can be degraded. Overheating can also damage the drum, sensors and other equipment. Exergen’s Reflective Cone and IRt/c sensor continually provide HP with drum temperature measurement that is accurate to within 0,1°C (0.2°F). Its IRt/c sensors measure substrates at 120°C (248°F).

“VDL prides itself on its deep industrial expertise and on employing the highest quality and most accurate manufacturing techniques in all the work we do”, said Jeroen van den Hurk, Managing Director, VDL Industrial Modules. “We are delighted to partner with Exergen Global to provide HP with this custom temperature measurement solution that will help ensure the highest quality production output. Along with Exergen, we were very excited welcoming HP representatives to Eindhoven in the beginning of this month to demonstrate our manufacturing capabilities and showcase our facilities.”

Visit High Tech Campus/Brainport

HP Indigo visited Eindhoven on April 3rd and 4th. Eindhoven is recognized by the Intelligent Community Forum as one of the world’s most intelligent area, to learn more about the region’s knowledge economy and technological prowess. During their two days visit HP-Indigo representatives met with VDL, Brainport, High TechCampus and a wide range of other regional companies producing state of the art technology innovations.

About Exergen’s Reflective Cone

Exergen’s Reflective Cone is a custom-designed tool that works with Exergen’s IRt/c infrared temperature sensors. It is ideally suited for production printing, providing very accurate control of the print drum temperature to ensure optimal print quality and processing. The Cone is designed to address the fact that during production the emissivity of the surface – its power to emit heat relative to (ambient) radiation it reflects -- can vary considerably due to substrate properties, surrounding radiation, and ambient condition changes. The Cone’s design prevents ambient radiation from entering the surface being measured, reflects emitted radiation and directs it to the sensor detector. By decreasing ambient reflections and emissivity variations, the Cone, the only device of its kind on the market today, reduces temperature measurement errors by a factor of ten.

About VDL Group

VDL Group is an international industrial company devoted to the development, production and sales of semi-finished products, buses and coaches and other finished products and the assembly of cars. Its subcontracting division specializes in metalworking, mechatronic systems and system supply, plastics processing and surface treatment. In total, the group consists of 90 operating companies, spread throughout 19 countries with more than 13,000 employees. In 2016 the turnover of VDL Group amounted 3,2 billion euro.

About Exergen and Exergen Global (now known as CleverIR):

Exergen Corporation, the global leader in industrial and medical non-invasive temperature technology, provides non-invasive temperature measurement devices providing lower cost, higher accuracy, less invasiveness, and greater reliability than ever previously possible. Exergen is well known for its award-winning temporal artery thermometer in the healthcare and consumer market. The company was founded by Harvard-research scientist Dr. Francesco Pompei who holds over 70 patents. Exergen Corporation is based in Watertown, Massachusetts, U.S. Exergen Global, an HP Strategic Partner for 2017, is the worldwide solutions provider of Exergen Corporation’s industrial non-contact infrared temperature sensor solutions and the recipient of the 2015 Global Frost & Sullivan Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award (http://bit.ly/2pYfsy4).


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