#13: Monitoring tire temperature for racing performance

Tire temperature is of critical concern in automotive racing for two reasons: the tire temperature directly affects its adhesion and its wear characteristics, and tire temperature patterns provide valuable information on the set-up and performance of the suspension. For example, excessive loading of a tire caused by out-oftune suspension will cause that tire to become considerably warmer than the others. 

Use three sensors for profiling, one sensor for brake rotor. The IRt/c has proven to be an ideal measuring device for onboard data acquisition, due its small size, ruggedness, and low cost. It may be connected to standard thermocouple read-out systems. Installation should include connecting the shield to a suitable ground in order to avoid interference from the electrically harsh environment of a racing automobile. Mechanical installation should include attention to air flow patterns to minimize dirt building on the lens. The IRt/c.3x or .5 are recommended because their narrower field of view allows them to be positioned further away.

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