#51: Asphalt temperature monitoring

Asphalt properties are particularly sensitive to temperature, and it is important that the asphalt is applied at the correct temperature in order to perform to its specifications. Accordingly, temperature monitoring is a common requirement, but the thermocouples normally used have severe breakage problems due to the harsh abrasiveness of the material, and must constantly be replaced at high cost and interruption of production.

The IRt/c solves this problem directly, since the temperature is monitored without contact. The normal thermocouple controller can be used – simply calibrate offset if necessary. The IRt/c.3x and .5 models are recommended for their built-in air purge, which will keep the lens clean by preventing vapors from condensing on the lens. The IRt/c.3x can be mounted in the chute to view the asphalt through a small hole, while the IRt/c.5 can be mounted some distance away due to its narrow 5:1 field of view.

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