About us

Mission & Vision

To develop and offer a family line of easy-to-use, cost-efficient temperature measurement solutions, with the highest quality and performance, for non-contact temperature measurements in the industrial field with minimal footprint.

To be seen as the developer and manufacturer of easy-to-use, cost-efficient, non-contact temperature solutions to relieve our industrial partners with minimal impact on the environment. 

From Exergen Global to CLEVERIR

During the last pandemic year, we have taken the time to look openly at our mission and vision, our strategy, product portfolio and product roadmap. After some eye-opening brainstorming sessions, we concluded that:

1. The IR market is very healthy, experiencing almost double-digit growth. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that our partners/customers have an increased need for non-contact infrared solutions.
2. We have learned tremendously in the last decade by listening very carefully to you, our highly valued customer and/or partner, learning about your needs and gaining a thorough understanding of the value-add that IR sensor technology can bring to many applications.

Given the above, we have decided we can put our expertise to even better use and provide greater value to our customers by offering a broader range of solutions and diversifying our product portfolio.

To fully embrace this new approach, we will continue serving our customers under a new name: CleverIR 

For you, nothing will change - we will continue to offer the complete family of Exergen’s IRt/c products along with the support and technical know-how that we are known for. Additionally, we will offer more IR sensing solutions for specific applications, a larger variety of brands and, in the future, even our own products.

1. We are very excited to embark on this new journey and are convinced we will be even more successful because:The fantastic team you have always worked with will remain the same. You know the expression, never change a winning team.
2. We have built upon our existing team by adding a group of highly experienced and knowledgeable developers, who you will certainly meet in the near future. These new team members will allow us to respond quickly and efficiently to customer requests.
3. We have extended our product line with products and solutions that can meet the demanding requirements of our OEM customers - today and tomorrow.