Exergen N1030IR Kit

Small, easy to use, and high performance PID controller together with the smallest, only SELF POWERED, infrared temperature sensor in the world. The solution includes an air purge and mounting bracket.

Accurate and reliable non-contact temperature measurements with easy-to-install PID controller

The Exergen N1030IR Kit consists of:

The micro IRt/c sensor:
  • Infrared Thermocouple IRt/c
  • Repeatability 0.02°F (0.01°C)
  • Interchangeability ±1%
  • Resolution approx. 0.0003°C
The Novus N1030IR PID controller:
  • Single Loop PID and ON/OFF controller
  • Two independent outputs available
  • Dual relay output or 1 pulse and 1 relay versions
  • Temperature unit °C or °F
  • Decimal place indication
  • Configurable setpoints limits