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In a world that is transitioning towards a more sustainable manufacturing chain, efficiency and smart use of resources will be key factors for success. Depending on the application, the new ACE sensor will deliver results with accuracy, reliability and overall performance beyond belief. Meet the world’s first non-contact infrared temperature sensor that is designed as a universal hardware solution that unlocks endless possibilities through a groundbreaking software platform.


accuracy Beyond Belief.

  • Industry leading accuracy
  • Industry leading repeatability
  • Industry leading performance

small Beyond Belief.

  • The world’s smallest sensor in its class
  • Unique design for easy installation even
    in compact spaces
  • Vast range of possibilities at low
    operational costs

reliability Beyond Belief.

  • Reliable results even under challenging conditions
  • Technology designed and manufactured in Europe
  • Maximize product life time

advanceD Beyond Belief.

  • Calibrated with proprietary advanced robotics
  • Powered by proprietary software
  • Pushing the limits in the industry

Customizable Beyond Belief.

  • Clever design for plug and play installation
  • Highly adaptable for easy integration
  • Tailor-made calibration for precision in
    any application
  • Output digital or analog
  • Target temperature 0-250 ˚C
  • Field of view 16˚ I 46˚ I 87˚
  • Time constant from 70ms

Experience ACE

The proof of the pudding… The power and performance of our new ACE sensor is best experienced during a live demonstration, we are happy to schedule one for you.

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